Operations Manager

Role Summary

We are looking for a tenacious Operations Manager to join our rapidly growing team. Having been a team of 6 people at the start of 2018, we were a team of 22 at the end of 2019 and are growing fast. As Operations Manager, you will be our sole dedicated Operations team member. You will have the opportunity to shape how we work effectively as a team as we grow.

This role is not for the faint-hearted. But for the right candidate it will offer an unrivaled opportunity to place their stamp on how this company and team runs; to truly transform how we work. Reporting into our Founder & CEO, you will be based in our London head office, currently located in London Bridge, opposite Borough Market. Your responsibilities will include:

  • Working with the different functions and teams within Chaser to ensure there are effective processes and communication channels running throughout the company. Continuously identifying opportunities to improve existing processes and implementing those improvements
  • HR admin. For example our processes for team training and for holiday and absence logging
  • Recruitment. Optimising, standardising and managing our recruitment process across all different functions such that we access the best quality candidates for the roles we're hiring for and run as swift and successful a recruitment process as possible
  • Optimising and creating an effective onboarding process for new team members
  • Legal. Including managing all team member contracts and related issues, intellectual property filings and applications, managing our compliance with data and privacy regulations and managing all team member share options and related filings
  • Finance. Including managing our day-to-day bookkeeping, monthly payroll, insurance, team member expense policy and processing those expenses, along with identifying opportunities for and leading our applications for grant funding
  • We are a partially remote team. Alongside ensuring that we work and communicate effectively together, you will also be responsible for organising team onsites where the whole team get together. You will be responsible for managing associated travel, accommodation and activities during the onsite
  • Overseeing all internal systems we use (e.g. Zoom, Slack and Front). Making sure we are paying the most competitive rates and that we are using the best systems for the relevant jobs
  • Managing our London office (currently desks at a co-working space). You will be responsible for project managing any future office moves
  • Equipment requirements - ensuring our team have the equipment they need to do their jobs and we are paying the most competitive rates for it


You will:
  • likely be someone that other people describe as "high energy" and a "people person"
  • be a hyper detail orientated person, who brings solutions to the table, as opposed to just problems
  • have very strong time management and prioritisation skills. There will be a huge number of balls to juggle in this role
  • be someone who, whilst they don't court conflict, is comfortable telling people no. You won't shy away from having the difficult conversations that will inevitably be necessary for this role where requisite processes are not being followed/need to change be proactive and opportunistic
  • be someone who thrives on taking ownership and responsibility be extremely ambitious
  • love learning (fast!) and personal development. You will be comfortable (well, as comfortable as it’s possible to be!) learning through trial and error. And when those errors happen, as they inevitably will, be able to lean in to learn from them fully
  • not need to be an amateur netless tightrope walker, but you will be comfortable with the need to take risks in the role
  • have excellent written communication skills
  • have excellent spoken communication skills, both in-person and over the phone
  • be someone who thrives working in a high-speed environment
  • be excited about working as part of a small, tight-knit team
  • Above all, you take your work seriously and take pride in doing not just good, but great work

For more information on Chaser, our vision, and what we are doing, please see here.


  • Competitive salary
  • Share options
  • Company pension scheme
  • 25 days holiday
  • Flexible working hours

How to apply

Please send your CV to david.tuck@chaserhq.com.

As we have multiple job roles available, please highlight the role you would like to apply for in the subject line