We Made The World's First Accounting-Themed Craft Ale, For Xerocon

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We’ve been sitting on a huge, game-changing secret. For weeks now, our expert Chaseologists have been concocting a brand new, world-first product for us, right here in the heart of London. I’m here today to tell you the embargo ends. Today, I can finally reveal, available exclusively at Xerocon London 2017

Debtor Daze

Five bottles of orange-labelled Debtor Daze pale ale lined up

A Chaser pale ale.

A delightful pale ale, Debtor Daze is here to change the Finance & Accounting space forever. With its unique blend of New Zealand hops, Debtor Daze is the ultimate in orally-ingested, wheat-based, carbonated debtor-stress relaxant technology.

To be taken as required, Debtor Daze simultaneously delights the palate as it reduces levels of debtor-induced stress. Made from a recipe refined since the 1640s, this new product offering from Chaser marries heritage with contemporary. Debtor Daze is Brewed with Distinction in conjunction with Anspach & Hobday - a craft brewery and taproom bar located in London's Bermondsey Beer Mile, and a fervent Chaser user.

With Chaser's award-winning cloud credit control software, your aged receivables will never have looked so good. Now with Debtor Daze, your aged drinkables can look just as great! It's the perfect complement to Chaser. However, we recommend not operating Chaser during or immediately after the consumption of Debtor Daze. If you do, you may experience undesirable side effects including, but not limited to:

  • Unintentional pausing and/or resuming of chasing
  • Spelling and/or grammar mistakes
  • Phoning PITA customers at 3am to tell them they’re a “pain in the a**e”

Debtor Daze is being released in a limited edition batch, available exclusively to Xerocon London 2017 attendees for free! Make sure to visit the Chaser exhibitor booth to get your hands on a bottle before they’re gone, and follow @chaser_hq on Twitter to get the latest from the team during the conference.

Want to see the origin of DD?

We captured a photographic story of its journey from grain to grog.

Two orange-shirted Chaser men looking at a computer screen in an industrial office

Choosing a recipe.

Two men in grey jumpsuits carrying sacks of grain against a brick wall background

Hitting the grain store.

A heavily-bearded man mashing grain during a beer brew

A look inside the vat of a beer brew after mashing


An orange-shirted man pouring hops pellets into the kettle during a beer brew

Adding hops.

A man in a grey jumpsuit peering at a dial on a tank containing fermenting beer


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