Today We Move To

Today is a momentous day in Chaser history. Since we launched in August 2014, our website has always been found at For a long time, it was a perfect fit with our defining purpose "get paid what you're owed with". Rhymes aside, the .io domain is not uncommon in the developer community due to an association with Input/Output - as a Software as a Service (SaaS) provider, the .io was very befitting.

We've been conscious for a while, however, that the .io suffix can be a source of confusion or uncertainty for some website visitors. There have even been a few instances where we've found ourselves referred to as rather than Chaser. So today we're moving (digital) house!

Our website is now located at A new domain name, a new digital headquarters for Chaser.

We've had an incredible year so far. We've released our reporting functionality; reminders and notifications; ability to set expected payment date; and most recently, ChaseFeed. All build on our complete chasing history of chasers, replies and phone notes. All deliver you more value from Chaser - your Credit Control HQ. The time couldn't feel more right for this move.

To allay any concerns - please don't worry if you have previously used or shared links to These will all continue to work and redirect to the exact same pages on

I couldn't end this without a big thank you to all of our amazing customers. Without your support, Chaser would not be the product it is today. I cannot wait to see how much more it will grow in the years to come.

Happy continued chasing!

David Tuck
Founder & CEO

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