Sir Chasealot: A New Chapter

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It has been over 30 months since I first pulled on the tunic of Sir Chasealot on the eve of Xerocon London in February 2015. Taking on the mantle of being the Xero community's credit control knight in shining armour was not a responsibility I took lightly. I knew there was a huge amount of work to be done.

I'm immensely proud of what I've been able to achieve as Sir Chasealot since February 2015. I have taken Sir Chasealot's inimitable brand of credit control excellence to Australia for Xerocon Melbourne in 2015.

Sir Chasealot at Heathrow Airport

It was a huge thrill to contribute to the Chaser team's victory as Xero's App Partner of the Year 2016. And to help them become only the second app ever to reach 200 reviews on Xero's App Marketplace, all at a perfect 5.0 star rating. I really feel that I've been able to make the credit control world a better place.

It is therefore with a heavy heart, but also great excitement for the future, that I announce that I will be stepping down as Sir Chasealot with immediate effect.

This is not a decision I've taken lightly. Like all major life decisions, it is a wave that has been gathering swell over many months. The Chasealot responsibility is a huge one. Always needing, but most importantly wanting, to dignify the title by being at the public's credit control beck and call. At times, I will confess, I've found it hard to separate myself from the role. The fame and recognition, whilst humbling, have increasingly been a hindrance. Countless were the times where I'd be stopped on the street and asked for help. Even on those rare days when my tunic was at the dry cleaners and armour at the polishers, and I tried to blend in by just wearing regular clothes, it would still happen.

In the last year I've also become a father to twin boys; Prince Chasealots, as my wife has completely banned me from referring to them as. This responsibility has helped me realise that Sir Chasealot is a young man's game. When they develop consciousness, I don't want my boys to be confused. I just want to be plain old "Dad". The wave broke for me on a brief family holiday in July (thankfully no Sir Chasealot emergencies arose requiring my return). Strolling in the French countryside on a beautiful clear summer's evening, I came upon a lake. I stood enjoying the moment astride the lake's complete stillness. As I caught the reflection of my face upon the water, it hit me like a thunderbolt of epiphanic clarity: the face I saw was no longer that of Sir Chasealot.

The last couple of months have involved a huge amount of soul searching and planning for the future. And it is with huge excitement that I announce the Sir Chasealot baton will be passing to Brad Ewin.

David passing the Sir Chasealot honour on, knighting a kneeling young man with a sword

Brad joined the Chaser team in March of this year. Whilst he had no prior experience of chasing lots, or even moderate amounts, he has made an incredible impact. He has displayed an immense inner compass for the art of amazing credit control. It all seems so clear to me know. Thoughts and feelings I couldn't express at the time. But now I realise, from the first time we spoke in early March, I knew Brad was Chasealot material. I knew there was someone ready to take on the mantle.

I wish Brad every success as he places his own stamp on the role. Sir Chasealot will always be in my blood and I look forward to providing Brad with any assistance that I can. I am very excited to be moving in a new Chasealot direction in creating, and becoming the inaugural member of, the Sir Chasealot Advisory Board for Bringing About the Reduction of Debtors. Or SCABBARD for short.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me as Sir Chasealot over the last two and a half years. It has meant the world to me. I hope you will show Brad the same support as he opens the book on a new chapter.

David Tuck
Founder & CEO

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