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Brad Ewin -

£36,000 in invoices paid two weeks early? Yes, please!

4 min read At a glance With her own firm’s credit control previously keeping her up until 2am, Not Just Numbers Limited’s Debbie Whitaker wa...

Brad Ewin -

Wait, the Xero app marketplace is HOW big?

3 min read I had an idea recently. A curiosity I wanted to scratch. After assembling amazing advice from AAB’s Hilary Dyson, Foxability’s Jo...

Brad Ewin -

How to make the most out of QuickBooks Connect London 2019 (in 7 minutes)

7 min read On 25-26 February 2019, Intuit’s QuickBooks Connect takes place here in London. With inspiring speakers, info-packed sessions, an...

Brad Ewin -

10 email templates to get late-paying customers to pay invoices on time

10 min read How often do your customers pay their invoices late? Or if you’re an accountant or bookkeeper, how often do your clients get pai...

Brad Ewin -

Keep up with Xero's ever-growing app marketplace in 5 steps or less

8 min read Everyone’s feeling app fatigue It might not have been the hottest accounting topic of 2018 (oh hello, MTD), but last year saw rep...

Brad Ewin -

Delivering clients freedom: Recovering over 70% of overdue debt with Chaser

7 min read At a glance Stephen Paul of multi-award-winning accounting firm Valued struggled to keep his firm on top of credit control aft...

Brad Ewin -

Advice isn't enough: Recovering £145,000+ with apps

7 min read At a glance From a background in corporate recovery, Shorts' Senior Project Manager Tim Baum-Dixon has always had a profound a...

Brad Ewin -

Sir Chasealot returns this Xerocon London 2018

2 min read As I write this, we’re less than a week away from Xerocon London 2018. An exciting premise! And here at Chaser, we’ve got a lot o...

Brad Ewin -

Debtor Daze is back for Xerocon London 2018!

2 min read 406 days ago, we unveiled the world’s first accounting-themed craft ale. Weeks of work alongside brilliant brewers Anspach &...