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Brad Ewin -

The definitive top 10 tips to get the most out of QuickBooks Connect San Jose 2018

13 min read Every year Intuit celebrates their QuickBooks community all around the globe with their event QuickBooks Connect. There are Quic...

Brad Ewin -

How UHY Hacker Young overhauled their outsourced credit control offering

5 min read At a glance UHY Hacker Young is a Top 15 Group of UK Chartered Accountants Their outsourced credit control offering was being lim...

Brad Ewin -

6 options you have when your business needs an urgent cash flow boost

9 min read As the lifeblood of a business, cash flow and its management is of critical importance to business owners. Here at Chaser, our mi...

Brad Ewin -

Overcoming 3 roadblocks your non-cloud clients have with MTD

5 min read You're already familiar with MTD Here in the UK, HMRC is trying to make keeping on top of tax affairs easier. Making Tax Digital,...

Brad Ewin -

Inside Baldwins’ app stack: A stepping stone to success

4 min read Baldwins Accountants are one of the fastest-growing accounting firms in the UK, boasting UK-wide coverage with 60+ offices and ov...

Brad Ewin -

Collecting £65,000 of debt for just £65

6 min read At a glance Chaser partner Trecelyn, provider of contracted FD services, saw their pilot client recover an extra £65,000 from deb...

Brad Ewin -

From struggle to success: Credit control at Farnell Clarke

6 min read At a glance An old school, paper-based, credit control process meant accounting firm Farnell Clarke couldn't get great results wi...

Pedro Tavares -

5 countries, 3 months: 5 lessons learned as a remote software engineer

5 min read Hi, I’m Pedro and I’m a Software Engineer here at Chaser. Prior to joining Chaser, I’d spent two years in a huge, international c...

Brad Ewin -

Fresh Financials: Offering weapons-grade credit control at a fraction of the price

5 min read At a glance With Chaser, innovative bookkeepers Fresh Financials have: Streamlined their outsourced credit control offering, allo...