Dear Kier - What are the Benefits of Virtual Credit Control?

This week, we stopped by Pink Pig Financials to have a chat with founder Cheryl Sharp about the benefits of cloud accounting software and how it has enabled her to offer Virtual Credit Control services to her clients. As a recognised Gold Xero Partner and cloud app champion, Pink Pig Financials utilises cloud software to simplify the accounting process for their clients: “Because less time on your books, means more time with your family”

We asked Cheryl about the firm’s adoption of cloud-based credit control software, and how it has enabled them to operate Virtual Credit Control:

Cheryl’s forward thinking and family oriented values have shaped the Pink Pig Financials ethos. Their motto, “less time on your books, means more time with your family” informs the way they work with clients; always prioritising the client’s time.

Pink Pig Financials deeply empathise with their clientele, who often have families alongside their growing businesses. For that reason, they work to make the accounting process as smooth and simple as possible. This involves providing effective cloud accounting apps to streamline and automate otherwise laborious tasks. Since bookkeeping and reporting can now be facilitated with technology, the next logical step, according to Cheryl, was to implement automated cloud-based credit control. The firm is now offering Virtual Credit Control through Chaser. Chaser’s software helps SMEs drastically reduce their debtor days and boosts their cash flow.

To learn more about how accountants and their clients can benefit from Cloud-based credit control, sign up to our free webinar here.

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