A tale of 20 cities

Remote working is a massive part of the culture, here at Chaser. For 8 of us, working from home is the everyday norm. For the other 13 of us, however, it’s something new and entirely unknown.

In the midst of our office move, the entire Chaser team are taking the plunge and working remotely for two weeks. From October 7 to October 18, we’ll be posting daily updates, stories and learnings, from the team as #ChaserGoesRemote.

Day 10

Alix | Junior Product Manager

As I currently have no wifi in my London flat, I had to work away from home for the two weeks of #ChaserGoesRemote! Luckily, this wasn’t a problem because I have friends dotted in nice places across the country. And I started by staying in the dream location…


My happy place

West Harting. I kicked off the remote working weeks staying in a friend’s house whose father is a wine merchant. As if this couldn’t get any better, their mother runs a dog hotel from the house. That’s right! A house full of wine and pooches… my own personal paradise! I was able to work all day surrounded by the doggies before closing my laptop and enjoying a fine wine (with more dogs)! Life doesn’t get better than that.


We love Chaser!

I have noticed that when you’re working remotely there are many distractions. Even if it’s the post being delivered, there’s a lot going on! It didn’t help that my friend was recording his own dance videos in my workspace. I realised I preferred the dog. However, to fix this I worked at the garden table! It was really sunny last week so I set up camp outdoors to tackle the workday!


Work with a view

I then hopped on a train to Devon, searching for a different location with as many dogs! After working on the train, I arrived at my friend’s home in Devon. I was joined by a very handsome Boris on my lap for stand-up. He was a very calming companion and I organised myself so I could work while Boris napped.


Spot the dog

I missed my colleagues a lot, while I worked from home. So I had a little break where I video called some colleagues for a catch up.


Excited to be reunited with the team

For the second week, I headed to Paris! Despite being part french I haven’t had the chance to be in the country for longer than 12 hours, in the last three years. This is the perfect opportunity to catch up with my family and explore some parts of Paris I don’t usually see.


Repping Chaser in Paris

When working in Paris, I was alone in the day time. This didn’t bode well for me - I am a very social creature. This loneliness quickly subsided when I was reunited with my Godmother directly after work, for a drink on Isle Saint Louis. I realised how lucky I was to be here! Such a beautiful city and such a treat to see one of my favourite people on short notice, having not seen her for 3 years! My housemate also invited herself here to join me here, after hearing of #ChaserGoesRemote!

I’ve realised that I work better with people around! I’ve had a fantastic time during #ChaserGoesRemote, full of dogs and great new places! But, I’m ready to be reunited with the Chaser team! It’s been a blast #ChaserGoesRemote!

Ruth | Junior Product Manager

I am starting this on Wednesday evening, on a train from Eindhoven to the Hague, on my way to spend my final days of remote working at my dutch friend’s house. Admittedly, this is not a journey I would have had to take if I had checked which airport was closest to the Hague before booking my flight, but I’m seeing this as an opportunity to reflect…

They say that variety is the spice of life, and I have certainly tested that in the last two weeks- no single day has been the same! I’ve split my time between London, my family home, Leeds, and now the Netherlands. Some of the highlights include going to a talk by Caroline Criado Perez with my mum, watching Simone Biles win her fifth World Championship whilst Dad and I sat on the sofa eating homemade coffee and walnut cake, going to Leeds Light Night with my friends and fitting in several trips to the mighty Honest Burger (to be fair, that last one’s nothing new). Whilst none of those things are directly related to work, it’s having these plans outside working hours that has driven my productivity during the day.


I'm being HONEST, it's the best burger in town

In fact, being disciplined with my own time has been one of the most enjoyable parts of remote working. First of all, making the most of the extra time I had in the mornings when I would normally be commuting set me up for the work day ahead. Some days this meant having a leisurely breakfast, others it meant waking up early and running up a massive hill with my Dad. Both set me up for a productive morning, whilst only one left me unable to climb the stairs for the rest of the day.


Remote working scenes

Once lunchtime came around, I always found getting a change of scene made my work in the afternoon a lot more effective, so whilst I was out of London I took the chance to catch up with the some locals, before heading home for a home-cooked lunch with a side of gymnastics.


Lunch done right

I liked changing my office after lunchtimes. Sometimes this could be as slight as finding a new spot in the house to share with coworkers, or heading to Leeds university and posing as a student again. These small changes throughout the day may not be the highlights of my remote work, but they had an equally positive impact on my productivity.


Bodie is thrilled to have me sharing her office

So, as my train pulls into the Hague, having reflected on the last two weeks, I think I’ve learnt that I work best when I am able to build a work day that fits into my lifestyle- the places I like to work, the hobbies I have, the friends I like to catch up with after work and the burgers I have to eat. This way I am able to make the most of my time at work and outside of it.

Above all though, I’ve learnt that nothing inspires productivity quite like the vision of a horse walking through a university library on a Wednesday afternoon.


Horsing around in the library

Katan | Software Engineer

I’m in my second week at Chaser! A fully remote engineer, I’m already into the swing of remote working. Although, my #ChaserGoesRemote experience still had some wild things in store…

Waking up at 3.30 am on a Monday morning sounds like a nightmare to most people, for me, however, I managed to get myself out of bed, buzzing with the feeling of excitement. I was starting the second #ChaserGoesRemote week, by making my way to Lisbon to meet Head of Engineering Pedro Sampaio!


When remote working...

I'd be spending the week with Pedro, to further my knowledge of Chaser, meet some of the team and and learn more!


Me and the man himself, Pedro!

We have been set up in an Airbnb for the week. This was great for a little while, but it was great to get a chance of scene and begin working from Coworklisboa at LxFactory in Lisbon. We set out early in the morning, to make sure we could avoid traffic and sit down for a healthy breakfast before we got stuck into the day!

Working from Lisbon surely comes with its benefits and one is definitely the amazing food it has to offer! Pedro knows all of the hidden food gems in Lisbon and has not disappointed me! I’ve had the ultimate experience trying the local, traditional food.


The best way to start the day

We finished the day and headed over to Pasteis de Belem. These Portuguese custard tarts are the best I’ve ever eaten! I came here to work hard and eat great food and I’d just finished working…


The nicest custard tarts in Lisbon

Being 100% remote, I am glad to have already had the privilege to meet both Pedro and Duarte! Remote working can sometimes make you feel isolated! However, if you place yourself in the perfect environment it can be a really positive experience. Meeting your colleagues only enhances this!

Day 9

Pedro | Head of Engineering

I’ve been working remotely for 6 years now and I consider myself a seasoned pro. I usually have a pretty solid remote working routine, but for the second half of #ChaserGoesRemote I did things a little differently…

I started off #ChaserGoesRemote by sticking to my usual routine, in Leiria (where I am based). With two little girls, it’s hard to concentrate around the house. So, I usually take the chance to work in a rented co-working space in my local town. This gives me some peace and quiet and lets me really knuckle down.

For the second week of #ChaserGoesRemote, however, my routine changed. I travelled to Lisbon to spend time with our most recent Engineer - Katan! It’s been great to meet Katan and get to know him as he settles into Chaser. We also seized the opportunity to meet up for dinner with Duarte. We all ate and watched the football! It was great to catch up with them both!

(Un)fortunately, this week I didn’t have to deal with this little lady and her love of clashing clothing.


The fashionista

Trying to explain to her that yellow doesn’t match purple or that she can’t always take her Elsa doll (Frozen) to nursery isn’t always easy. But it’s something I have lots of time to do because I don’t have to waste time commuting to work.

Me and Katan have been spending most of the week from an AirBnB but today we went to checkout a co-working place in LX Factory. The worst part of this was a very long Uber commute to get to the LX Factory.


LX Factory

Fortunately, a commute isn't something I have to do everyday. I commuted in Lisbon for 5 years, before I started working remotely. I don’t miss this at all.

Usually I make smoothies bowls for the entire family. But today me and Katan went out for an acai bowl.


My morning acai bowl

After lunch, we went to try out one of the best chocolate cakes in town. I can confirm, it was THE best!


The greatest cake in Lisbon

Unfortunately, my photography skills don't do this amazing cake justice.

I work remotely full time, but #ChaserGoesRemote has still been a great experience! I've managed to seize new opportunities, like the rest of the team, and change my routine!

Rosie | Marketing Executive

I started at Chaser just over 6 weeks ago, and I’m based in the London office. I’ve never worked remotely before and I really didn’t know what to expect. Since beginning #ChaserGoesRemote I’ve worked from London, Stockholm and I’m currently in Bristol!

I started off the weeks in London. I spent most of this time working from the comfort of my own home. I moved into my flat quite recently and it’s been amazing to get to know my local area a little better.

After 4 days of working from home, however, I packed up my laptop, chaser tee, and my bag, and headed to Heathrow!


The best in-flight read...

Working remotely gave me the opportunity to go to Stockholm to stay with my friend! She moved to Stockholm a few months ago and I haven’t had time to visit her yet. Thanks to #ChaserGoesRemote, I’ve now been able to!


Gröna Lund

I’ve heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so I treated myself to an incredible (and very indulgent) breakfast at The Greasy Spoon. This was such a cool cafe and the food was amazing! Often, when I’m in the London office I miss breakfast, opting for an extra 10 minutes in bed over a disappointing piece of toast. To have a breakfast feast like this was a welcome change.


Bacon pancakes and hot chocolate

After working in the cafe for a little while, I decided to have a break and take a walk. I headed to Djurgarden - which was beautiful. I got to perch by the water and explore a little. And there was only one, suitably embarrassing, way to explore it properly:


Scoot, scoot!

This made me feel so refreshed, and a little cold! After this I was full of creative ideas and ready to resume work.

Working remotely meant that I was able to work in a cafe near my friend’s workplace in order to meet her as soon as I finished work. Being able to pick up my friend from work meant that we could go straight to the Fotografiska, missing the rush and seeing the exhibitions when the museum was nice and quiet! It was really great to see the exhibitions and to do something different than I would in my evenings in London!


The wall of fame in the Fotografiska

And now, I’m in Bristol! Remote working means that you can be anywhere that you want to be! I’ve loved the freedom. However, I’ve felt more tired than usual, likely due to all the travelling!

I've really loved #ChaserGoesRemote, but after a wild 2 weeks I’m ready to be reunited with the Chaser team and a stable office routine!

Day 8

Molly | Marketing Manager

For the first week of #ChaserGoesRemote, I was based in London. As a treat, I went to Fulham Palace to grab lunch and get out of the house for a change of scenery. It was lovely to be able to sit outside, even in October. It was a real change to be able to grab a delicious lunch and relax outdoors in the middle of the day. Usually, in the office, I will get a quick sandwich and eat at my desk. I was able to enjoy the somewhat mild weather.


Fulham Palace

I’ve split up my two weeks of remote work between London and Dublin. For the second week, I headed to Ireland. It’s been great to get the chance to head home for a week and spend time with family and friends (including four legged ones)! Because I live far from London, I don’t get to come home so much. This has been such a nice change!


Harry and Ron keeping me company

My family home is right by the sea, in Dublin, so I’ve taken the opportunity to go for walks on the beach during my lunch breaks. It’s been great to get some fresh air and clear my head in the middle of the workday! I’ve found that getting out like this makes me feel really happy and motivated to tackle the rest of the day.


Seaside walks

Being at home in Dublin, this week, also means I’ve been able to catch up with friends in the evenings after work which has been amazing. It’s been really great to see everyone back home.


Harry loves Chaser swag... maybe too much!

One thing I’ve learned, so far, is that I need to work somewhere with a slight buzz around. A perfectly silent room doesn’t work for me - I need to at least have the radio on, and ideally have other people in the room. This isn’t something I would have thought before we started this experience!

While I’ve really enjoyed the freedom that remote working gives, I really miss working in the office, surrounded by the buzz of the rest of the Chaser team! 2 weeks was the perfect amount of time for #ChaserGoesRemote! I’ve loved every second.

Duarte | Product Designer

After starting #ChaserGoesRemote in Stockholm, I took a mid-week train to Copenhagen! I worked for half of the day on the train, which was an interesting experience! Being able to travel without taking a full vacation is definitely one of my favourite perks of being a remote team member! I’ve realised, over time, that working in different places and travelling to different countries keeps me fresh. Plus, I get a different experience than the typical tourist trip!


My offie for an afternoon

After my brief visit to Copenhagen, it was time to head back to Lisbon where I am based permanently. I went to work in one of my favourite outdoor spots - a real change from the Nordic cold!


My favourite spot

This is my favourite quiet corner with a fantastic view of the city’s downtown.


work with a view

It’s so important to spend time outside and when you’re remote working you can make the most of this! Morning walks are one of my favourite parts of the day. They give me the opportunity to start the day with a clear head, as I organise my thoughts before sitting down with my laptop. Today I went to a nearby park which has huge trees that shroud your view and make you forget that you’re even in the centre of the city!


Morning strolls

For a small workday break, I headed to my favourite cafe. I ordered an amazing (and really healthy) chocolate croissant. Breaks like these really restore energy levels for the rest of the day - and, in this case, ‘motivate’ me to exercise later!


A delicious work break and reason to gym

To finish the day, I got to meet up with two Chaser team members - newly joined Katan and our Head of Engineering Pedro! They were both stopping by Lisbon. We went for dinner and watched a football match where Portugal lost to Ukraine (which was terrible), but the company was good and totally made up for it!


Myself, Katan and Pedro!

Since I started working remotely full time, my biggest learning has been to go outside before your day starts! This is now part of my daily routine! It wakes you up and puts you in ‘work’ mode, especially if you’re used to being in an office.

Day 7

T | Senior Software Engineer

I was asked to share my plans during #ChaserGoesRemote and my first reaction was: "I don't know what I’m doing, same as always, I suppose.” BUT by the end of both weeks, I will have worked from Bulgaria, Portugal and Spain (weird flex but okay)!

While travelling to three countries in two weeks sounds hectic, my routine has stabilised a lot since I last featured in a Chaser blog post!

For the most of #ChaserGoesremote, I found myself in Sofia, where I am currently based as a fully remote Chaser team member!


Mornings on the balcony

On most days, I wake up at around 8:30am. I eat my breakfast and get ready for work! Here, I find myself two hours ahead of the Chaser London office, so my work really begins at around 10:30am! When I wake up I like to get some time outside, before I settle down working indoors.


Settling down to work

At around 2pm, it’s time to head out again. This time I'm on the search for some lunch.


Time to head out again

Yesterday, I worked at a new co-working cafe which opened near me in Bulgaria! The weather is still really nice where I am! I’ve heard horror stories about -20º during the winter! This will be my first winter in Bulgaria and I don’t think I am prepared for it. I’m making the most of the sun while it lasts!


Making the most of the weather before winter

I stayed at the cafe until 9pm. I’m so glad that I’ve found this place. It’s designed for anyone who wants to spend the day working in a relaxed environment, so it’s really easy to get in the zone and be productive. This view also helps:


Work with a view

It’s been almost three years since I started working remotely and I can’t get enough of the flexibility. Invited to visit a new city by friends? Let me get my passport! Is someone celebrating a birthday? I’ll be there!

I’m really happy that the rest of the team get to experience remote working! I’m sure that they’re learning a lot from the experience and taking advantage of the freedom! It’s great to be a part of #ChaserGoesRemote!

Felicity | Operations Manager

I’ve stayed in London for the majority of #ChaserGoesRemote. I’m in the same city but my routine could not have changed more! I joined Chaser very recently, just in time to be involved in this remote working experience!

I started my day by doing laundry! This might seem horrendously boring, but as me and my partner have both started new jobs we’ve both been busy working long hours out of the house! It feels so good to reclaim control of the housework again! And it’s been preferable to my usual morning commute. It’s great to start the day in a productive way and I feel very organised.

I’ve been taking the opportunity to cook, while I work from home. Last week, I made a very memorable and very delicious lunch. I cooked while listening to a podcast about Coco Chanel (Russel Kane’s Evil Genius podcast). She may be one of the most iconic designers of all time but I had no idea about the rest of her life! It was so good to step away from my desk for half an hour and get fully absorbed in something completely unrelated to work. And, I was full of yummy food which kept me well fuelled for the rest of the afternoon.


I went to stay with my parents in the countryside for a couple of days. It was great to have a change of scene and work somewhere other than my flat in the city. It was also great to spend time with family in the evenings, after work.


This meant dog walks with my fave: Zara. We went for walks before work at 8am! She also kept me company as I did all of my daily tasks!


After I returned to London, struggling with the countryside blues, I decided to treat myself to a sushi lunch! Working from home gave me the opportunity to, finally, try out the new sushi place at the end of my street. It was really nice to leave the flat for a walk and get some fresh air. This really cleared my head and I felt energised for the afternoon ahead. Plus the sushi was incredible and somewhat healthy!

I’ve only been working remotely for 7 days, but I’ve already learned a lot. Getting out for fresh air is so important and something it’s taken me a few days to get the hang of. It’s easy to feel guilty for stepping away or going offline for a few minutes, but your brain functions so much better if you give yourself time to step back to see the big picture. It’s amazing how easily ideas or breakthroughs magically happen when you give yourself a break!

The same is definitely true for stopping work at the end of the day. When you’re at home, it’s easy to just keep going. You constantly think there’s always one more thing you can get done. And then, suddenly, it’s 8pm. It’s ok to work for longer when needed, but if you make it a habit you won’t give yourself down time. This is not productive in the long run!


I’ve noticed that being remote has led to far more conversations with people! I’ve been more inclined to video call and have a proper conversation. These are chats which would probably have been had via Slack in the office. I don’t know if this is something that everyone else has experienced, but I’ve really enjoyed having more conversations with the team!

Day 6

Beth | Head of Success

#ChaserGoesRemote arrived at a perfect time for me! I’ve just moved into a new flat and I'm having some renovation work done. So I can have some peace and quiet but still be close enough to nip back home and monitor the building work, I've been working from a lovely local cafe and co-working space called Canova Hall!


Canova Hall

They do unlimited coffee here if you're hot-desking. And they also do great food - I had this delicious juice and croissant for breakfast which was a really good way to kickstart the day.


Green smoothies and my 20th cup of coffee

We've just got a new cat, Duke, who's rather nervous in her new home, so it's been nice to spend time with her making her feel a bit more comfortable. She’s enjoyed having us home and she seems to really love Chaser (stress balls)!


Duke loves Chaser!

I’ve realised that when you’re remote working your lunch breaks are definitely more exciting. My sister came over for lunch with my nephew which was great! It was so nice to have the chance to see family during the week and workday.


My little Nephew enjoying our lunch break

I’ve learned a couple of things from my remote working experience, so far. Firstly, bottomless coffee is a blessing AND a curse - drinking coffee at 5.30 pm just because it's free is a BAD call!

While I did want to go on a trip for #ChaserGoesRemote, I’ve just moved house and it's been brilliant to have more time at home. Evenings feel a lot longer when you're not commuting, which means I've been much more productive in the evenings.

I wouldn't have been building wardrobes and painting my living room after a journey on the packed Northern Line!

Onno | Software Engineer

It’s week 2 of #ChaserGoesRemote! I am a fully remote Chaser team member, based in The Netherlands, but #ChaserGoesRemote still feels really exciting!

One of the things I love about working remotely is not having to commute! Having to set an alarm for the sole purpose of commuting is horrible! Working remotely allows me to wake up naturally and start my day from the comfort of my own home.

On Thursday I woke up with plenty of time to spare before I started work. I decided to go for a jog. Seeing traffic jams on the motorways made me feel really thrilled about not having to commute. I was slightly smug on my jog back home! To be able to avoid traffic is one of the greatest things about remote working!


Jogging past the morning traffic

Working remotely gives you the opportunity to have more exciting lunch breaks too! I tend to do things more elaborate than if I were in an office! I love to cook different things everyday! This makes my lunch break different daily, despite working from the same place and having a solid work routine! Today, however, I decided to keep it simple and cooked some delicious pancakes!


Pancakes for lunch

Being cooped up inside all day is just no good. Often I’ll go for a walk, or even go grocery shopping, to get myself out of the house during my break. This is really good for the mind and helps to keep you feeling fresh! I’ve realised that if you stay inside all day you start to lack creativity and your work can really suffer. If you get out, even if you’re just walking to the store, you feel better and re-energised!


Morning jogs

Music can be great to work to, sometimes, but the joy of remote working is that you can find an entirely silent workspace. In an office, there is always some noise, even if it’s minimal! When I work remotely I can work in silence! I love being in control of my own workspace conditions! Working in a silent environment definitely helps me to produce my best work.


My work view

I think that the key to remote working is coining a workspace that is right for you. This will help you to be the most productive you can be! For me, it has to be comfy and silent.

It’s been really great to see what the rest of the Chaser team are up to during #ChaserGoesRemote! I joined the team very recently and it’s been really interesting to see everyone’s experiences! I’m really looking forward to the rest of week 2!

Day 5

David | Founder & CEO

As the first week of #ChaserGoesRemote comes to an end, it’s my turn to share the stories of my remote working experience so far.

This week, I’ve been working in Madrid. I’ve been visiting my brother who moved here last year to open his own craft brewery business Oso Brew Co and bar La Osita.

I started the week with many reunions. Firstly, it was great to spend time with my brother. But, I also got to see our Software Engineer Juan! Juan is one of our fully remote team members and is based in Madrid! We took the opportunity to head to my brother’s bar to catch up! It was fantastic to see Juan, and I wouldn’t have been able to see him without #ChaserGoesRemote.


Chaser clad and roaming the streets of Madrid

I’ve been taking advantage of the time I’ve saved without my commute by going for a morning run in the beautiful Retiro Park, before work. It’s great to be able to see more of Madrid while I get in some exercise and start the day in a refreshing way. After this, I’m ready to sit down and begin the working day!


A morning run in Retiro Park

Yesterday morning, I worked from my room at my AirBnB which, chance would have it, is in the exact same building as my brother. So I nestled there, 3 doors down from him, working away! After a productive morning, my brother and I reunited to go and get a great tapas lunch. The portions were massive and it was a veritable feast! It was really nice to spend time with family during my lunch break. And, the food was a step up from my usual Pret sandwich!

Yesterday afternoon, I had 1on1s that I did via video call due to #ChaserGoesRemote. It’s 27 degrees in sunny Madrid this week. So, I took the opportunity to do the calls on a rooftop terrace at The Hat Madrid! It was great to catch up with the team, while soaking up the sun!


Sunny 1on1s

I’ve learned from this experience that it’s important to seize the opportunities that remote work offers! There’s a real opportunity to get creative when you’re working remotely and it’s important to grab it! Travel, see new places, see old friends and take advantage of the change of scene!

Ben | Head of Product

For #ChaserGoesRemote I’ve been working from my flat in Hackney! It’s great to work from home, I’ve really found a routine and I find that I’m being really productive.


WFH = Working from Hackney

Despite my best efforts, I’ve never been a ‘morning person’. Nonetheless, on Wednesday morning I pulled myself out of bed and went for a run. This was a rather unique (and rainy) experience for me! I rarely run around Victoria Park on a Wednesday morning. It’s a beautiful park (not that I noticed as I was too busy catching my breath) to be in first thing!


I went rock climbing after work on Tuesday, because it was only a short walk from my house! This was worlds away from the usual long bus ride from the office. This also meant that I could get there before the crowds and get a good climb in before heading home at a reasonable hour.

On my lunch breaks, I’ve been taking the opportunity to meet up with friends! On Wednesday, I met up with my best friend who recently moved to London from Australia. We headed out for a spot of lunch and a coffee at a nearby cafe in Hackney!


A different kind of lunch break

I had a good ol’ fashioned (very accidental) sleep in, on Thursday. Ordinarily, seeing your alarm clock go off at 8:10 means you’re in a mad rush to get dressed and get on the tube to work. This isn’t the case when you’re working remotely!

Getting out of the house is the key to separating work and play. So far, I’ve managed to get into a solid routine working from home. I feel like I’m ticking off the tasks on my to do list! But, at the end of the workday, after being in the same spot in my house, I feel ‘sapped’ of energy! I’ve realised that it’s essential to get out of the house and meet some friends, or do some exercise! Doing fun activities will make you feel awake and ready to tackle work. It’s great to take breaks which are different from the norm!

Day 4

Amaya | Marketing Executive

It’s #ChaserGoesRemote day 4, already!

So far working remotely has given me a lot of freedom. I was able to visit my family in Brighton, this week. This was a really welcome change of scenery. I visited the beach and headed to my favourite cafe to work! With such a great view, this was a great way to begin a very productive remote working week!

Coming home has given me a chance to get some fresh ocean air, taking in the scenery and giving me the opportunity to try Brighton’s best local treats! It was also oddly satisfying to work in a toasty cafe while the surfers tackled some very choppy waves!


A stroll on Brighton beach

I strongly believe that a healthy body = healthy mind! Working remotely means that I can get out to the local countryside on my lunch breaks! I managed to squeeze a run into my lunch break on Tuesday! I headed to the local South Downs, making the most of the good weather, while it lasted!


Runner bean views

The weather is still pretty good here in Brighton and working from home means I can really make the most of it! I popped out to the garden with my laptop and soaked up the sunshine while working! It’s an opportunity that had to be seized, since the sky is clear!


Working from the garden

I love the outdoors and it’s great to work surrounded by greenery and flowers. It’s the ultimate change of scene from the concrete streets of London! I’ve found that this change has been really great inspiration! I have a clear mind, a healthy body and a pretty great work set up!

And the cats seem to like it too!


Tica having fun in the sun

I also have so much more time to prepare a morning breakfast- breakfasts so mega they’re usually reserved for weekends! As a vegetarian, it’s great to have the time to make a breakie with loads of seeds, nuts and healthy ingredients. This has certainly been a step up from my usual speedy morning Weetabix in the office!


Sorry, I couldn't resist a nibble

So far I am loving the freedom that you get when you’re working remotely! However, it’s definitely tricky to keep your work and home life separate! When your work is in your home it can be difficult to switch off! But once you give yourself set breaks, and make sure you close your laptop lid at the end of the day, working from home is great! I’m really looking forward to the rest of #ChaserGoesRemote!

Ricardo | Senior Software Engineer

As a fully remote Chaser team member, I was involved in sharing my best tips for the ultimate guide to remote working. I shared tips about remote working that centred around travel, excitement and freedom. Yet often, I find myself sticking to a fixed daily routine with little variation! So while #ChaserGoesRemote, I decided to do things a little differently!

My day starts at 6:30am! My dog usually isn’t in the mood to wake up this early, so in the mornings, it's just me, myself and I!


A very sleepy pooch

Yesterday morning, I took the opportunity to go to the gym, super early! Only, when I arrived I found that the gym was shut! The sun clearly hadn’t had his morning cup of coffee! Nonetheless, this gave me a lot of time to spare.


Too early for the gym

Waking up so early has its benefits. Even though the gym was closed, I took the opportunity to walk to my co-working space, taking a different route! It’s really easy to miss the amazing things happening in your city when you’re in a rut! Having those extra 10 minutes in the morning gives you the time to appreciate your surroundings. It makes you happier and you start to see things differently.


My work set up

When you permanently work remotely, it’s easy to do the same things daily. Seeing the rest of the team branching out and trying new things, during #ChaserGoesRemote, inspired me to spice up my routine! To avoid falling into my average daily routine, I forced myself to do the following things differently:

Firstly, I had a great breakfast to start the day. I made sure that I used really healthy ingredients and included all of the best fruits to fuel my work for the day!


The breakfast to end all breakfasts

And second, since you can work from anywhere when you’re a remote team member, I took the opportunity to have lunch with a friend. I’ve been postponing this lunch for ages but yesterday, made it happen! Being able to socialise and go to great restaurants is one of the best things about working remotely! And, after you finish eating you can stay in the same place to work!


Lunch with friends

When I break my routine, my productivity increases a lot! I think seeing everyone else in the Chaser team doing such exciting things has encouraged me to break my routine occasionally, and to take advantage of the perks of remote working!

Day 3

Ash | Software Engineer

I’ve been fully remote at Chaser for 11 months now, working as a Software Engineer. So I’m no stranger to remote life! Over this time I’ve been based in a few different locations but right now I’m in bonnie Glasgow.

I woke up this morning at my usual time (right before the fifth snooze on my alarm), showered and then ate cereal right out of the box. That’s right, out of the box. When you’re not in the office, who’s going to judge?


The most important meal of the day

I don’t do anything particularly special to prepare myself for the day. I tend to plan my days the night before so that I can be even lazier in the morning! The preparation I did yesterday, however, was for THE GLASGOW WEATHER. I needed to go out and grab some food but was faced with the notorious Scottish rain. Before venturing outside, I had to get myself ready for the perilous journey to the supermarket. Helmet, coat and goggles are a must but I strongly recommend bringing a rope - just in case.


Rope recommended

On Thursday I will leave Glasgow and head to Wales! When you’re remote, you can go anywhere!

I spent my lunch eating (of course) but since I’m at home, I also have my children with me. No, not the human kind - the bike kind! I prepared the kids for the trip to Wales and on Thursday I’ll begin the voyage to an entirely new location.


Preparing the kids for the journey to Wales

The best thing about working remotely is the freedom. Glasgow’s too wet? See ya later Glasgow! Hello Wales!

Rishan | Success Executive

On day 3 of #ChaserGoesRemote, I started off the day following some great advice from Chaser’s ultimate guide to remote working! The guide talks about making the most of the time we save in the absence of commuting. So rather than spending an extra hour in bed, I kicked off my day with a run and a swim at my local leisure centre! This was a great start to the day and was a great change from the way I usually spend my mornings before work - stuck on the Northern Line for an endless amount of time!


Ready for some morning exercise

Being at home, I’ve found it’s easier to create an entirely silent work space. This quiet has meant that I am able to meditate daily before work. This is such a luxury, and helps me to get in a positive headspace for the day! I’ve even started taking time out of the day to pause and step back, evaluating what is going on in the moment and organising my thoughts before I pursue a plan of action. When you have the luxury of being able to meditate throughout the day, it’s important to take every opportunity to do it!


Undoubtedly, one of the greatest things about #ChaserGoesRemote is the food. I was able to head out for lunch at my local Café Barcelona. I only moved to Streatham 2 weeks ago and remote working is giving me the opportunity to explore all of the brilliant shops and cafés in my new area!


A delicious lunch of eggs and chorizo

So far, I’m really enjoying #ChaserGoesRemote. This remote working period has come at the perfect time for me! I’ve been able to get to know my local area so much better because I’ve been based in Streatham all day. And, I’m finding that I’m super productive because I’ve created a comfy and silent work environment within my home! I’m really looking forward to the rest of #ChaserGoesRemote!

Day 2

Alex | Success Executive

So far, the joy of remote working has been the absence of my commute! I was able to wake up this morning and take a 30 MINUTE walk in the woods near my house, before I sat down at my laptop and started work for the day! This made me feel really energised, slightly chilly, and completely ready for the day.


A morning stroll through the woods

Rather than picking up my usual ready-made Pret pot, I decided to branch out and make myself a homemade breakfast. I really pushed the boat out, today, and made myself a delicious breakfast of raspberries, walnuts, bircher muesli, chia seeds and greek yoghurt. There was no contest between my homemade berry feast and my standard measly Pret pot!


A breakfast to defeat all Pret pots

I’ve realised that it’s necessary to have breaks whenever you’re running out of ideas! But these breaks can be so much more interesting than re-filling your water bottle like in the office. Yesterday, I went for tea and a blueberry croissant in the mid-afternoon to leave the house and get a change of scenery!


Tea and blueberry croissants

I think that the whole Chaser team are relishing the time they can spend with their work companions. I spent all day working with a very sleepy Harry next to me. I managed to get loads done in his company and played with him when I was taking a break.


Harry the Chaser cat

I’ve realised that working from home can be slightly overwhelming, if you let it be. It’s so important to have set breaks within the workday! If you were in the office you would schedule breaks, especially a solid lunch break. This shouldn’t change because you’re working from home! This helps to establish a routine and to keep you feeling productive throughout the whole workday. And, you can have nicer food!


Taking these breaks has definitely made me more productive and made little Harry very happy.

Juan | Software Engineer

As a fully remote member of the Chaser team, #ChaserGoesRemote isn’t my first rodeo. I’ve worked at Chaser for exactly a year today! After a whole year working remotely, I like to think that I have a solid remote working routine, but there was a slight change in my schedule at the start of #ChaserGoesRemote.

I started my day with a cold shower. Living in Madrid, I find that a cold shower is good to kickstart the day, fully waking me up and throwing my brain into gear.

After this, I meditated for 10 minutes. This is such an important part of my daily remote working routine. It helps me to relax and compose my thoughts before I start the working day. When I’m finished I have a clear mind and I’m 100% ready to work!


Morning video calls with Pedro

I always begin my workday by writing my goals for the day, and yesterday was no different. This really helps to create a routine and I find it can really structure the day when you’re working from home. It also feels awesome to get to the end of the day and realised you’ve completed everything you set out to!

But yesterday night there was a slight change to my usual remote working routine! After work, I met with Chaser Founder and CEO, David Tuck! David’s in Madrid visiting his brother during #ChaserGoesRemote so we went for drinks at his brother’s pub for a catch up.


Matching cardigans and Chaser tees - not intentional

It’s great that #ChaserGoesRemote is giving the team the opportunity to do new things! Without it, I wouldn’t have been able to see David and catch up with him in my hometown. It was amazing to see him and we had a fantastic time exploring the city!


City strolls in Madrid

Day 1

George | Success Executive

It’s the first day of ChaserGoesRemote! We’ve finally packed up our office and are working from the comfort of our own homes!

Although it’s only day one, working from home has already enabled me to do things that I couldn’t have done from the office.

For starters, I was able to go home, up North, last weekend, knowing I would stay at my family home in Cheshire for my first week working remotely. I took full advantage of this and went to see Liverpool vs Leicester on Saturday, a game that wasn’t to be missed. Milner scored a last minute penalty to send Liverpool 8 points clear at the top. Needless to say, as a big Liverpool fan, this has kickstarted my remote working experience in the best way!


Today, in my lunch break, I took the opportunity to go for a walk, something I rarely do when I’m in the London office. It was great to get out, to see nature, and to clear my head ready for a really productive afternoon of work.

The best part about this was the company.

Woody, the Chaser intern, enjoying his lunch time stroll

Chaser’s ultimate guide to remote working told me to find the ultimate work companion, and I think I’ve only gone and found him. I’ve been working next to Woody all day. It’s super great to work from the comfort of my own home, back with my number one pal who I don’t get to see when I’m in London!

We’ve been talking about #ChaserGoesRemote for a while now, but I still didn’t know what to expect. I’ve never worked from home before, so this is a new experience for me. So far, I’m really enjoying remote working. Undoubtedly, it took me some time to find the right work space in my family home. But after some searching I found a comfy, quiet space. And now that I’m settled, I’m off to a flying start.

I’m really loving the experience and I’m really looking forward to the next 2 weeks.


Me and Woody loving the Chaser website

Hannah | Senior Success Executive

It’s #ChaserGoesRemote day 1! The Chaser team have been eagerly anticipating the remote working weeks, and finally they’re here!

I kicked off #ChaserGoesRemote with a morning yoga session. This was such a great thing to do, getting me energised and ready to start the day with a clear mind! After this, I was really in the zone and ready to conquer the day.


Starting the day with some early morning yoga

Without my commute, I had the time to cook myself a really tasty breakfast of smoked salmon and poached eggs on a bagel. Usually, when I head into the office, I rustle up something that is so much quicker, and a lot less delicious. After this breakfast and my morning yoga session, my brain was fully charged and ready to tackle the workday.


The breakfast bagel of dreams

After working at home for a little while, and struggling to get into the swing of things, I decided to head to my favourite local cafe. It was really nice to get out of the house and get some fresh air on the walk there. The change of scene really made my creative juices flow and I was super productive after making the trip. Over a flat white and cinnamon bun, I was able to finalise some quarterly plans ahead of our company meeting in the afternoon!


A delicious change of scene

Being at home means that my coffee fix has been fully satisfied! I made myself a fresh Turkish coffee (or seven) which is world’s away from the in-office Nescafe coffee! It’s safe to say that I am one happy and content coffee bean.


Turkish coffee

Although it is the first day of #ChaserGoesRemote, I’ve realised that work locations are fundamental to a productive working day. It’s important to avoid working in your bedroom, in order to keep strict boundaries between your personal and work life. More than this, a change of scene can really help if you’re suffering from some mental block.

I’ve really enjoyed the first day of remote working and I’m seizing the opportunity to do activities that I wouldn’t be able to do if I was in the office. I’m sure that the rest of the weeks will be full of many amazing coffees. Bring it on.

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